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To Browse an issue:

Click on the volume and month required. Once the issue is loaded on your screen, move the cursor with your mouse up and down, left or right to enlarge the page in order to read. Click Next, to turn the page.

Alternatively, you can download the page in Windows Photo Viewer by using Download Jpeg. This will give another way to read the page.

To Search:

10 volumes can be searched in one go, or a specific volume/year/month, as well as a range of dates. Use one or two terms in your search. This will locate the terms in the text, not everything linked to that term. E.g: colliery, will return results with every page that has the word colliery in it, but not every page which has the word pit in it.

Printing selected items:

Once you have found the article you are looking for, click on View Jpeg(C&P). Scroll down to the section you are interested in, drag and encircle the text/image. Let go. Scroll back to the top and click on Crop Selection. This will cut and paste the text/image into Windows Photo Viewer. Where you can save or print.


Coal has been digitised using the UK Open Government Licence, please click here to see conditions of use.

If content is used, acknowledgement should also be made to the National Coal Mining Museum for England, as well as bibliographical references (E.g., Coal, Vol.x, Page. x)